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How to Succeed Selling Event Sponsorships

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Event sponsors – you know you want them but aren’t quite sure how to get them. Sometimes they feel as elusive as a winning lottery ticket! Rest assured that potential event sponsors really are out there, and they actually have funds earmarked to spend on events just like yours. The problem is that these potential […]

How to Avoid Empty Seat Syndrome at Your Events

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Have you ever suffered the pain and embarrassment of empty-seat syndrome. You know…that horrible experience of staring at a half-full venue when your event hasn’t sold nearly as many tickets as expected. There’s no reason for your event to languish from lackluster ticket sales. As a nonprofit event planner with over twenty-years of experience, I […]

Three Little Words for BIG Nonprofit Event Success

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Nonprofit events – do you love them or hate them? Maybe it’s a mixture of both! No matter how you feel about special events, they are a staple of the fundraising culture. Nonprofits are expected to raise funds and awareness through these galas, walk-a-thons, golf tournaments and other social gatherings, so it’s best to take […]