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Clean Up Your Event Mailing List!

Clean up your event mailing list

One of the most intimidating things about planning a charity gala or fundraising event is facing the task of cleaning up your invitation mailing list. This is the nonprofit equivalent of cleaning out your garage – you know you must do it, but you put it off for as long as possible! When is the […]

7 Steps to Charity Gala Success

Here are 7 steps for successful charity gala

Charity galas are an important piece of the fundraising puzzle, but many organizations question if the ROI is worth the time and resources spent on producing these events. When you add in the extra stress and staff burnout, there is a single question that arises. “Are charity galas worth it?” The answer is an unequivocal […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Fundraising Event Planner

5 Questions to ask your fundraising event planner by Queen Bee Fundraising

Many nonprofits realize the benefits of hiring an experienced event planner to help them plan and execute their fundraising events. They know that the money they invest in a professional planner will reduce their staff’s stress and help to ensure a well-run guest experience.  There are a lot of event planners out there vying for […]