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Successful Fundraising Events

The Nonprofit MBA MEDIA RELEASE June 9, 2023  Keys to Running Successful Fundraising Events, Featuring AJ Steinberg on The Nonprofit MBA Podcast Conducting successful fundraising

Clean Up Your Event Mailing List!

One of the most intimidating things about planning a charity gala or fundraising event is facing the task of cleaning up your invitation mailing list.

7 Steps to Charity Gala Success

Charity galas are an important piece of the fundraising puzzle, but many organizations question if the ROI is worth the time and resources spent on

3 Steps to Landing Nonprofit Event Sponsorships

As nonprofit organizations adjust to recent shifts in the economic climate – plummeting stock values, uncertainty in the housing market, disintegration of the cryptocurrency markets

Success with Event Sponsorships

Blog by Stephen Halasnik, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Financing Solutions I was a guest on Stephen Halasnik’s popular The Nonprofit MBA Podcast and had

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