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Are Your Committee Members a Dying Breed?

Are your donors, boards, and volunteers aging themselves out of existence? I often sit in on my clients’ event committee meetings and am concerned when I see the same faces year-after-year and most of those faces are over 70. This is worrisome as all organizations should be actively engaging younger supporters and volunteers to fill…


The Art and Science of Engagement at Nonprofit Events

Many organizations spend an enormous amount of resources creating nonprofit events that fall short of their goals. Typically, with underwhelming events the guests complain of being bored and the nonprofits complain about lack of revenue. The sad thing is that none of these events needed to be a dud. They all had started out with…


Successful Sponsorships for Nonprofits

Blog by Stephen Halasnik, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Financing Solutions I was a guest on Stephen Halasnik’s popular The Nonprofit MBA Podcast and had a candid conversation about what works, and doesn’t work, when seeking nonprofit sponsorships. He wrote this great post about the topic. Click here to listen to the podcast episode! Knowing…

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